• Role:
    Editor, Associate Producer
  • Description:
    Drama, 16 min
  • Production Company:
    First Flock Pictures
  • Director:
    Johnny Ray Gill

Grand Prize, 2009 Hayden Film Festival and Holly Shorts Festival
Runner-up, Best Drama, 2008 Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival
Official Selection, 2008 Hollywood Black Film Festival

My Turtle’s Name is Dudley is a short drama about a family whose secrets and shortcomings leave a young girl in the dark and alone.

A young woman enjoys shopping with her mother and an image, across the street, suddenly transports her back to her childhood where she relives a memory that has been hidden deep inside her – being molested by her father.

She, along with her best friend Dudley, watches her father manipulate her and her mother to obtain what he desires most.

And as quickly as it began, Jade is back shopping with her mother, sun shinning, and memory over.

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