• Role:
    Editor and Colorist
  • Description:
    Feature-length Documentary
  • Production Company:
    FreshFly/Glenn Films
  • Director:
    Glenn Holsten

Trailer for feature-length environmental documentary currently in production.

Extreme weather, catastrophic wildfires, and historic droughts: these are just a few of the devastating effects of climate change, a seeming insurmountable problem. But we should remember the brilliant environmental success stories of the the last century.

Los Angeles and other major U.S. cities were once encased in a dome of smog, but through new inventions, the atmosphere cleared. It was dogged scientific research that revealed the causes of acid rain, solutions that greatly reduced this environmental threat.

And few people know that one of the most serious threats of our time, the corrosion of the ozone layer protecting Earth, has been turned back – again, through the work of scientists.

THRESHOLD tells these great science success stories, and ignites a conversation about science’s next conquest on behalf of mankind: climate change.